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MOTHERCARE INTERNATIONAL PLAY GROUP / PRE SCHOOL wishes to provide every child with stimulating experiences away from home. Play and other activities are carefully organized to encourage the following:


Development and refinement of the five senses.


Awareness of environment, colors, shades and life around us.


Reading, speaking and listening skills with the help phonics, stories etc.


Mathematics skills and its significance in everyday life.


Appreciation of music and art.


Writing and reading readiness with various stimulating exercises (considering the child’s age)

MOTHERCARE INTERNATIONAL PLAY GROUP / PRE SCHOOL strives to provide each child with a happy environment filled with love and care, with plenty of time to play because we believe that through play a child can learn about and understand the world around us as well as satisfy his/her needs to the fullest.

Equal Opportunities:

MotherCare strongly believes in the policy of equal opportunities in both the faculty and student body. We respect and support the Rights of the Child laid down by UN Convention that is as follows:

All children – without discrimination – have the right


To survival.


To develop to their fullest potential.


To protection from harmful influence, abuse and exploitation.


To participate fully in family, cultural and social life.


To express and have their views taken into account on all matters that affect them.


To play, rest and enjoy leisure.


Holiday List for the Academic Year:

2024 – 2025

2023 – 2024

2022 – 2023

2019 – 2020

2018 – 2019

2017 – 2018


2015 – 2016

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